Asbestos may be in Your Child’s School

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Don’t panic, but maybe get ready to write a letter to your provincial representative: your child’s school may have asbestos. At Amity Environmental, we like to think we have a pretty healthy respect for the serious danger asbestos can pose. We work this material everyday and know just how much care it takes to remove
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Different Types of Mould - Amity Environmental - mold inspection calgary

Different Types of Mould

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Moulds are all around us. They’re in the air we breath, in our homes, in our food, even in our medicines. While it’s pretty easy to throw out food when it goes bad and the level of mould spores outside is rarely problematic, when moulds begin to grow indoors there can be some serious problems.
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How Good Ventilation Can Prevent Mould

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If you’re familiar with our blogs, that good ventilation can prevent mould is probably not news to you. Like adequate heating, good humidity control, and effective insulation, having sufficient ventilation is one of the most important things you can do to help prevent mould in your house. Ventilation describes how fresh air moves in your
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Asbestos in Siding - Amity Environmental - mold inspection calgary

Asbestos in Siding

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Asbestos was long known for its many great construction qualities before science realized its potential for making people very ill. Because of traits like fireproofing and being resistant to rot and termites, asbestos was used all over the home. For many older homes, this includes in the house’s siding. Homes built before the 80s are
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