The Importance of Airing Out your Home

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If you’re familiar with our blog, you’ve probably heard us talk a lot about needing good ventilation in your home. Ventilation serves many purposes. It prevents water vapour from condensing on surfaces, it exchanges humid indoor air with dryer outdoor air, and can even help prevent allergies and illness. In the summer, people often leave
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How to Prevent Mould in the Winter

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Winter can be one of the worst time for mould growth in Canada. While people may be inclined to think summer with its open windows or spring with the rain are worse for mould, winter comes with its own sets of challenges. One of the main challenges is that inside air is much warmer than
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Mould Resistant Materials

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Mould is all around us These microscopic spores are in the air we breath. Inside the house or outside on the street and in parks, mould spores are a part of our life that most people don’t even notice. In the air, they don’t cause problems for the average person. Some people – kids especially
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Is Radon Gas an Unseen Danger in Your Home?

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It doesn’t matter where you go in Canada, radon gas is seeping from the soil and dissipating in the atmosphere. Radon is produced when uranium decays. In parts of the country where there is a higher concentration of uranium, you find more radon gas. Radon isn’t dangerous when it escapes from the soil and mixes
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Do You Have a Healthy Calgary Home?

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We all do everything we can to make our homes as safe as possible for our families. We install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, we keep up with routine maintenance, we make sure that our heating system is working properly, and we install security devices to keep the world out. However, there might be unseen
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A Few Things You Should Know About Calgary Asbestos Removal

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Almost everyone knows that asbestos, which was once common in building and insulation materials, poses a significant health risk. In fact, even though asbestos was banned in North America late in the 1970s, there are still ongoing legal cases and health studies around its effects that continue today. One effect that Calgary homeowners and business
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