Mould Resistant Materials

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Mould is all around us These microscopic spores are in the air we breath. Inside the house or outside on the street and in parks, mould spores are a part of our life that most people don’t even notice. In the air, they don’t cause problems for the average person. Some people – kids especially
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Could Your Windows Cause Mould?

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If you remember back to grade school, the water cycle had all kinds of science terms like evaporation and precipitation. Perhaps you remember that dew or frost on grass in the morning is caused by a different sciency-word: condensation. Condensation can signal a couple things. It’s often present when something very cold and something hot
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Explaining Calgary’s Demolition Legislation

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In 2011, Calgary introduced legislation requiring anyone seeking a renovation or demolition permit to fill out an Asbestos Abatement Information Form or AAIF. While this legislation is hardly new news, a lot of homeowners seem to be going through quite a bit of grief. Basically before a demolition or building permit is granted by the
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