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Places Asbestos Hides in Your Home

Posted on November 17, 2015 by in Asbestos | Comments (0)

In our last blog, we discussed the places that mould can hide. However, mould isn’t the only nasty thing that can sneak into houses. Asbestos was once in over 1200 common household items and materials. Depending on the age of your home, hidden asbestos may be lingering in more than a few places. However, it’s
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Where Does Mould Hide? - Amity Environmental - Mould and Asbestos Experts Calgary

Where Does Mould Hide?

Posted on November 03, 2015 by in Mold | Comments (0)

Nasty bacteria and germs can get into your rags, sponges, towels, etc, but where does mould typically hide in your home? After all, mould needs the right temperature, a water source, and material that it can break down and consume. We’ve blogged at length about these needs in the past, and anywhere that provides mould
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