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Did you know that Calgary bylaws state that any Calgarian seeking a demolition or renovation permit needs to have their worksite tested for asbestos? Asbestos is a dangerous, naturally occurring mineral that was used extensively as a building material from the early 1900s and even into the late 1980s. Because it was used in so many products and materials, it’s hard to recognize by sight, but the experts at Amity Environmental have the knowledge and equipment to safely check over your home for any hidden problems.
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Asbestos is a very common, naturally occurring mineral that was used extensively in construction materials for many decades. Just as other minerals, like quartz, come in numerous different colours and may have different properties, asbestos also forms in a variety of colours and types. Each type of asbestos affects people a little differently, but all of them are hazardous and exposure often leads to lung cancer.

Legislation was introduced in 1978 to ban asbestos from building materials. However, many homes built prior to 1990 contain some asbestos, and the older your home is the higher the chance that asbestos containing materials could be present.

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Because asbestos is so dangerous, it must only be removed by a team of experts. Asbestos is fibrous, almost fluffy, in texture. When the fibers become lodged in the lungs, they cause scarring that eventually leads to cancer. The professionals at Amity Environmental know how to protect your family while removing asbestos from your property.

When you work with us, we’ll carefully secure your home in order to contain any asbestos fibers. We’ll remove all traces of the asbestos and leave your house free of the dangerous fibers. The safety of you and your family is our number one priority.



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Mould is the last thing any homeowner wants to see growing in fuzzy patches through their walls or ceiling. But often, mould has been growing and thriving in a home long before it’s found. Because mould requires only moisture and organic material, it can happily spread inside the walls of a house from a bathroom, laundry room, or other area of the house that regularly creates high humidity. Because it’s hard to spot, it’s important to use your other sense. Can you smell rot or mildew after a shower? Have you noticed little flies in your laundry room? If you think there’s even a chance mould has moved into your home, you need an inspection now!

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Mould is one of the worst problems that homeowners can face for several reasons. First, it’s very difficult to kill or remove because even a little bit of forgotten mould will regrow an entire colony. Also, many varieties produce mycotoxins that make people and animals ill. Seniors, children, and small pets are at the greatest risk. Even if the first mould in your home doesn’t produce harmful toxins, it’ll make your home more vulnerable to other harmful moulds. Finally, regardless of toxicity, all moulds will eventually make a house structurally unsafe. If you’ve found mould in your home, it’s important to have it removed professionally.


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