Mould Removal Around Windows

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In Canada, mould growth on window panes and sills is a pretty common occurrence during the winter. If mould is growing on your windows, there’s no need to hit the panic button though. It’s easy to remedy and if you have a little mould and mildew on your windows it probably doesn’t mean that you
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How Could a Little Mould be Dangerous?

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Mould is big news these days. We’ve always been aware of mould and we’ve all seen a loaf of bread or a block of cheese go mouldy. We’ve probably all seen mould growing around a window frame in a high humidity part of our house. The dangers of mould became front page news in the
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Asbestos Testing in Your Home

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Asbestos is an amazing mineral. It’s highly heat resistant, doesn’t break down under attack from most chemicals, and the fibres are very strong. It pulls apart into hair-like fibres. It’s been recognized and used for its ability to resist heat for thousands of years. Unfortunately, it can also be very dangerous if its fibres are
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If You’re Renovating an Older Home, Have it Checked for Asbestos

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Have you ever wondered if your home contains asbestos? Most homeowners don’t. They assume that asbestos was only used in commercial buildings, factories, and institutions like schools and hospitals with miles of hot water piping and heating ducts. Up until relatively recently, asbestos was used in many building materials that were used in residential home
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