What’s the Difference Between Mould and Mildew?

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When it comes to fungi growing inside your house, it may seem unimportant which sort you have. Whether it’s mushrooms blooming through the carpet, mildew on your drapes, or mould growing on your roof, most people just want the fungi gone and quickly! However, there are some differences that are useful to keep in mind.
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What are Fungi?

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Humans have been observing and classifying organisms around them for thousands of years. What may have started as, “good to eat,” or, “bad to eat,” grumblings in our ancestors is now a refined art. So what are fungi? Fungi, like animals, plants, and protests, is a biological kingdom in the eukaryotic domain. Eukaryotic or “eukaryote”
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Chemistry in Your Life

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A long time ago, alchemists thought it was possible to turn lead into gold. They also believed in the existence of a philosopher stone and an elixir of youth. It’s not hard to see when looking at these ambitious goals that alchemy differed from modern science more than a little bit. However, in many ways
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