Remediating a Grow Op

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It’s an unfortunate legacy of our times, but these days a lot of rental homes are being used as marijuana grow ops. In fact, it’s estimated that one in four homes in some parts of Canada were used for a grow op at some time in their history. When a house is turned into a
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Got Mould? Hire a Reputable Mould Remediation Company

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Mould is big news these days. It’s always been around us but only relatively recently have stories about mouldy houses and the dangers of mould become front page news. Not too long ago, if someone had mouldy walls in their house, they would paint over them rather than eliminate the conditions that were making it
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Got an Ice Dam? Watch out for Mould

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If you walk around any Calgary neighbourhood during the winter, you’ll probably be able to spot a few houses with an ice dam. They’re the ones with patches of exposed shingles on an otherwise snow covered roof, a thick buildup of ice around the eaves, and sometimes a lot of icicles. An ice dam forms
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